The concept behind LIVEVOLUTION was crafted by Matta Fact, who wanted to establish a limitless space to host and evolve the way audiences and musicians experienced live music. Live shows are filled with energy, tension, and happy surprises. The music moves you to connect with others, nod your head, jump around, dance, and share a moment with strangers who are perhaps only in this moment, completely on the same page with you. The artists bring forth an amplified level of good energy and share it as if they are speaking directly to you. It’s not album perfect, but genuine and relatable. By capturing live performances in perfect vulnerability, the viewers retain that intimate, up-close and personal interaction with real artists even if they couldn’t be front and center. Performers aren’t asked to sell tickets or worry about how much money the bar made. On livevolution.com artists can find tips and articles to help them navigate independently, and music connoisseurs can discover exceptional tunes and exclusive merchandise. As you discover great music you join us in the extraction of the underground and independently fascinating. LIVEVOLUTION is the venue for independent innovation and the lens capturing the evolution of live music. Join the Co-op