Introducing AKD (Arise King David)

By: Stephanie of S2M

December 1st 2015

LIVEVOLUTION welcomes AKD to the United States. The incredible British lyricist, (Arise King David) has traveled far from the comfort of London’s hip hop scene, to discover the birth place of the craft which has sculpted his rap culture. Fans have described his music as “genuine” and “relatable”, due to his emotionally driven lyrics, storytelling, and unique delivery. AKD blessed LIVEVOLUTION with his very first US performance during LIVEVOLUTION’s first recording session with a live audience. This feature includes production by Australia’s beat making sensation Deepstar. AKD is now in New York City performing and preparing new music to inspire listeners worldwide. Check out Episode 6 of LIVEVOLUTION featuring AKD. Special thanks to Epicure Café, Fairfax, Virginia.