The Good Fortune Film Tour Coming October 2016
This is the Good Fortune Film Tour! Come prepared to have a great time & leave with a wealth of positive experiences. Join our live audience, enjoy complimentary eats & watch live musicians perform & voice their opinions about music & community with international guests! Reserve in pairs these tickets are super limited & going fast!
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Please click the button above to donate We were told it couldn’t be done… warned that our presence would not be welcomed outside of the States. Numerous corporations, such as Pepsi and Apple, turned us down for sponsorship when we expressed our desire to unite the world with the language of music. There is no major corporation funding us. We represent real people, real artists, and we need your belief in music, and the difference it can make within our communities, to document and share this experience through film and the magic of LIVE music. Beginning this October will take the filming of local artists internationally for the very first LIVEVOLUTION film tour, Good Fortune 2016. Artists from the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and India will gather in their hometowns to celebrate our similarities and differences with a grand expression of musical culture and community. Everyone wants to embark upon positive change, and this is your chance. Donate to help with production, purchase tickets to support the artists, and share this amazing experience with friends!
Win Tickets! Share the love for music, community, and UNITY! Tell your Friends List & Followers how you think music brings about positivity in your community and what you’re doing to help improve the lives of others. #GoodFortune #LIVEVOLUTION The Artists will pick 1 winning post from each tour location with the #GoodFortune #LIVEVOLUTION hashtags!
Tickets include complimentary meal provided on set Live Recording | Live Audience | Live Performances |Live Music | LIVEVOLUTION Sold in Pairs & Non Refundable. Tickets will be e-mailed to the email address provided. Ticket admits 2 audience members to 1 location of their choice below: WASHINGTON, DC DELHI, INDIA LONDON, UK TURIN, ITALY *Ticket link will redirect to the paypal account of S2M Must be at least 18 to purchase tickets Tickets will be mailed to the mailing address provided Tickets are limited Tickets WILL NOT be sold at entry Guests without tickets will not be admitted For maximum exclusivity venue location will be revealed on ticket We use Paypal for secure currency exchange