New Music Videos

By: Stephanie of S2M

May 28th 2015

We don’t claim to fully understand the intricate yet creative mind of Enoch 7th Prophet, one of Washington DC’s hip hop leaders, but we can’t help being moved and entertained by his unique vision.  For Enoch’s latest album, RETURN OF THE PROPHET, he announced his plan to release a music video for each song on the project. It’s an accurate guess that this “out-of-the-box” thinker would also deliver “out-of-the-box” music. With songs like OMMM Chant, Spiritual Warfare, and The Memo, his music boasts versatility and complex content.


Enoch 7th Prophet’s newest video release, Ommm Chant featuring Def-I, has reached over 4,000 views in just 1 week. Chanting?? Hip Hop?? Although these 2 acts are a rare combination, the popularity of this video is based upon the positive message and chant, in addition to the spectacular views of the National Monument of Washington, DC and the mountainous landscape of New Mexico. Follow Enoch 7th Prophet’s musical journey by checking out new music & videos below. #ROTP