Enoch 7th Prophet Recalls
Performing with Redman

By: Enoch 7th Prophet

April 1st 2015

It was “hoody weather” so we were all in the greenroom. Floor fans were shifting a haze of weed smoke simultaneously from one side to the other.  Nervously quiet and hoping not to forget any lyrics, I was distracted by Redman, Keith Murray, and Erick Sermon who were talking about girls, and where the after party was going to be. There was no concern about stepping out in front of a packed crowd, no rehearsal of lyrics, and no worry of the impression to be made. That’s when I realized what level I needed to be on. That’s when I knew I was among the professionals, and like them all I had to do was walk my 2 legs out on stage, and the rest would flow naturally.  Check out more