Celebrate the Universal Language of Art

By: Stephanie of S2M

May 1st 2015

In Episodes One and Two of LIVEVOLUTION we took you on an audio visual tour of our background, hip hop music, specifically honing in and paying homage to our hometown of the DMV (the Washington, DC area of the U.S).  In Episode Three and beyond we will show you the amazing journey hip hop music has taken us through.  The doors which have opened to us, people who have thrilled us with their music, beautiful artwork, and words of inspiration, will soon become your experiences as well.  What we have learned while creating, traveling, writing, capturing, and designing, is that music is a mind awakening, senses-heightening, form of art.  It is the positive energy expressed through majestic gifts, which will free your outlook from bias, and enlighten your spirit. This magnificent world is full of fascinating people with vast differences, yet they find unity in art. LIVEVOLUTION will reveal this connection between people who may not always understand each other’s words completely, but are joined by the emotion of art which is universal.  Art is the translation of human feeling, and as a viewer and/or artist, you are embraced here at LIVEVOLUTION where these many forms of art and positive views are celebrated as one community.